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We spend all winter desperately waiting for Spring and Summer, and then when it finally comes along, the unlucky ones are hit with the dreaded hay-fever symptoms. Sneezing, itching nose and eyes watering – just some of the oh so familiar symptoms that have the capability of tarnishing our lovely outdoor time.


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It often feels much easier to keep the kids entertained when it's warm and sunny, but what can you do with them when it's a little chillier? We put together a little list of ideas to keep the little ones entertained.


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Ever since you were young, you've probably been encouraged to go outside and “get some fresh air” – but what are the actual benefits to getting outside?


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Published: 12/12/2023

10 ways to get Under 10s Outside

Do you ever struggle getting the kids to go and explore the great outdoors? In our top ten ways to get under tens to get outside, there'll be something for everyone.


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Published: 30/11/2023

Creating animal homes in your garden


Creating safe spaces for animals in your garden is a great way to give back to the environment, but also gives you the opportunity to experience the wildlife around you and watch it grow and evolve. With most of these animal homes, you have the option to either buy or make them yourself. We think making them yourself is a bit more fun and rewarding but if you're low on time or resources, buying is a good alternative – and you still get the reward of seeing the animals enjoy their new homes.


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Published: 27/07/2023

The Oldest Bridges


According to some sources, the first real evidence of bridge-building technology was all the way back in 4000BC; it's quite unlikely any bridges from that era are still standing however it's interesting to see how many bridges have still stood the test of time.


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Published: 22/04/2021

Our Garden Crossword

Here at Tony Ward, we love all things gardens, but we also love puzzles! So we have put together a very special crossword for all of you puzzle lovers out there. The answers to the clues are scattered about in other blog posts across our website, so print out the puzzle and learn something new today. Enjoy!


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Top 5 Reasons To Encourage Hedgehogs Into Your Garden

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Published: 18/05/2020

Awesome Bridges Throughout History

Our Favourite Bridges Throughout History.

It goes without saying that we love bridges, and there are so many interesting ones out there. Have you ever thought about the history of the bridge which you've just walked over? Or how long it took to build? Or how long it is? Probably not, but we have compiled a list of the most impressive bridges and what makes them so special.

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Published: 10/03/2020

How To Create A Bee Friendly Garden

Why should you make a bee friendly garden?

Bees are incredible creatures who just want to go about their day, pollinate and eat yummy nectar. Without them, our world would be a lot more dull, there would be less flowers, fruit and vegetables around!

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