Garden Chairs & Conversation Seats

'Just living is not enough ... one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.' - Hans Christian Anderson

Evidence suggests that being outside in nature, as opposed to being indoors, has a profound impact on our bodies and minds, including reducing anxiety, brooding and stress. it is also proven to increase our attention span, creativity and ability to connect with other people. So if you are experiencing writers block, lack of inspiration, or feeling generally down, you will more than likely benefit from spending more time outdoors. But with lives becoming more hectic and screen orientated, it can be difficult to take time away from this and journey into the great outdoors. So instead, sit in your garden and experience the world from a new perspective.

Have conversation with your loved ones in our lovingly crafted conversation seats. Chat the evening away whilst taking in your surroundings. Whether it's watching the children play, or watching the beauty of the moon and stars, our products guarantee a place of comfort to watch the world go by.

Snuggling up with a blanket and reading a good book will help relieve you of the stresses of the day, so why not take advantage of your beautiful outdoor space while doing so.

Our low maintenance pressure treated timber creates stunning garden seats, all handmade to perfection, creat an ideal focal point in your garden.

Delightfully designed, we have a fantastic range of handmade wooden garden chairs and conversations seats. A wooden conversation seat is the perfect way to enjoy the company of a friend or family member in the comfort of your garden. Our choice of garden chairs and conversation seats are suitable for any size garden.