Bird Tables

"Come feed the little birds, show them you care, And you'll be glad if you do, Their young ones are hungry, Their nests are so bare" - Mary Poppins

A birds company can bring you a great level of enjoyment, but there are many more benefits of feeding the birds in your garden. Birds are frequent visitors to people back yards, but with a bird table in your garden, you will attract more species, from robins and hummingbirds to sparrows and woodpeckers. If you use certain foods, you can attract certain birds. 

Encouraging birds to visit your garden will also encourage them to clear your garden by feeding on pests such as insects, worms, snails, spiders and even weeds, meaning you can have an all natural source of pest control.

When you think of pollinators, you automatically think of bees, but what you might not have known is that certain birds are also great pollinators and enjoy eating the nectar of flowers.

Enjoy the beauty of nature with our hand crafted wooden bird tables. Our small and large bird tables are available in a range of styles and offer the perfect bird feeding solution for your garden regardless of its size or layout. We have a wide selection of wooden bird tables for sale, so you are sure to find the ideal design for your garden.

Do you need top bird table tips for feeding birds this winter? Check out our comprehensive feeding guide to look after our feathered friends in the cold months of the year.