Bespoke Items

'Furniture must have personality as well as be beautiful' - Rose Tarlow

Give your garden that personal feel and create it to suit you. We know that some people like flowers, some like plants, some like growing fruit and vegetables. In the same way, we appreciate that every proud garden owner, also enjoy different types of furniture to fit their garden.

Crafted with care, precision and consideration, bespoke furniture is built with you in mind by professionals, while giving you the complete freedom to design your garden furniture from scratch. This means that no matter how big, small or oddly shaped your garden is, we will be able to create something to perfectly suit your garden.

Here at Tony Ward we are able to design and produce bespoke wooden garden furniture to suit your requirements. This way, you can be sure you are getting high quality wooden garden furniture, exactly how you want it to look. Here are just a few of our recent bespoke items. Please contact us about your bespoke handmade garden furniture requirements.

The benefits of bespoke furniture are extensive.

  • The sky is the limit, so whatever it is you are dreaming of, chances are we'll be able to make it, and if we can't we'll discuss things with you further and make sure we give you what you want.
  • Bespoke garden furniture is much higher quality than shop bought mass manufactured furniture as it has been used with only the finest materials.
  • We put so much passion into our furniture that you can be sure that it will last much longer than any shop bought products.
  • You will never end up with the same product as anyone else. Your garden feature will be completely unique to you, absolutely one of a kind.