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Do you ever feel as though your summer evenings have just slipped away, and you haven't made the most of your precious time? We've created a list of ideas to ensure you never have that feeling again.


One of the best things you can do to ensure you make the most of your summer evenings is to plan ahead; it's easy to let those lovely evenings slip away and wish you'd done more, or done something a little different.

If you're a foodie, or you enjoy a tipple on an evening, here are our ideas for incorporating food and drink into your fun evening.


- Go for a meal somewhere new

- Host a come dine with me with friends

- Host a cocktail or mocktail night

- Host a themed drink night

- Host a wine tasting night

- Host a bring your own board/ pot-luck night


If you like to enjoy your evenings outside in your garden, we put together a few evening garden suggestions.

- Have a Campfire

- Have a BBQ

- Outdoor Games Night

- Outdoor Movie Night

- Nighttime stargazing


If you want to make sure your garden is perfect for evening enjoyment you might want to consider your seating and lighting arrangements. When it comes to seating we have a lovely range of quality wooden garden furniture including benches, individual seats and chairs, as well as unique pieces such as rocking chairs and arbour seats.

There are two things to consider when it comes to lighting; first of all, you might want to consider where you will get the last of the evening sun if you're a sun-seeker, and secondly you may want to think of what kind of lighting you would like when the sun has set.

If you're also interested in your garden having a lovely scent on an evening, you could also consider planting flowers which have a lovely evening perfume. This includes flowers such as Wisterias, Petunias and Honeysuckles. You can also look into light reflecting plants and flowers which have a tendency to glow and glisten under moonlight; this includes Paper birch, Lamb's ears and Variegated dogwood.


If you prefer to spend your evenings away from home, we've also come up with a few ideas for varying your evenings elsewhere.

- Bowling

- Sign up for a cooking class

- Mini golf

- Cinema

- Pub Quiz

- See some live music

- Visit the seaside

- Enjoy the Sunset somewhere new


Whatever you decide, it's important to find a good balance. Balance means different things to different people, but evenings are there to be enjoyed by everyone.