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Struggling to decide on your new wooden garden bridge? We've come up with this fun and easy quiz to help you decide which bridge is right for you.



1. How would people close to you describe you?

a. Calm and laid-back

b. A minimalist

c. Charming

d. Creative



2. What do you do with your free time when you have no plans?

a. Spend time outside

b. Spend time alone

c. Spend time with friends or family

d. Try something new



3. Which of these would be your dream holiday?

a. Wellness retreat in Bali

b. A cottage in the countryside

c. A Mediterranean cruise

d. Travelling around Europe to enjoy the culture (and the food)



4. Imagine it's been a long week at work, what do you do to wind down?

a. Relaxing with nice cup of tea (or glass of wine)

b. Get outdoors

c. Go to the local pub

d. Do something creative



5. Which of these colours represents you best?

a. Yellow

b. Blue

c. Green

d. Purple



6. What is your favourite season to enjoy the outdoors?

a. Summer

b. Winter

c. Autumn

d. Spring



7. What style is your ideal garden?

a. Relaxing & Zen Atmosphere

b. Simple & Minimalist

c. Homely and Classical

d. Full of Character and Life



Japanese Style Garden Bridge


If you chose mostly A's then you're the type of person who cherishes a little bit of Zen in their life. You like to spend your free time relaxing or winding down, and the outdoors is the most wonderful place to do so.



Victoria Garden Bridge


If you chose mostly B's then you're a minimalist who enjoys a simple, uncluttered lifestyle. You like your home to be pristine and for everything has its place, and your garden is no different.



Classica Garden Bridge


If you chose mostly C's then you're a lover of all things classic; a good book, a warming sunset, a cosy afternoon. Sometimes there's no need to overcomplicate things – the classics are classic for a reason.



Monet Style Garden Bridge


If you chose mostly D's then just like Monet himself, you have an artistic flair and enjoy exploring new things. You like to spend your free time discovering hidden gems, visiting new places and being open to life's wonders.



Whatever your personality, the great thing is, we have a vast selection of wooden garden bridges. All of which are handcrafted with care in our Lincolnshire workshop. Take a look at our full selection of wooden garden bridges or get in contact to discuss your design ideas.