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A few years ago, the Mail Online ran a survey asking Brits what makes for a “Quintessentially British Summer”. The number one answer? Moaning it's either too hot or too wet. Whilst that does sound about right, we like to think a little more positively; that's why we've thought of a few ways to make the most of a British Summer.



Sometimes it feels as though you're missing out on summertime when you're working, or busy during the day; that's why it's so important to make the most of your evenings. Making the most of your evening looks very different for everyone but these are some of our favourite ideas you can do at home:

  • Have a games night

  • Have a self-care night

  • Do something creative

  • Make summery drinks

  • Have a tapas night

  • Watch the sunset

  • Enjoy some stargazing

  • Cosy up round a firepit


Depending on where you live, an evening trip to the seaside is a lovely way to finish off the day. This could include anything from having a wander down the promenade, using up all your 2ps in the amusements, or enjoying a cosy fish and chips on a bench. There isn't a better way to extend your day than a trip to the beach.

If you want to get out the house some other ideas include playing mini golf, bowling, going for a nice meal, seeing some live music, or just take a look at what is going on in your area. Sometimes there can be all sorts of interesting things happening right on your doorstep – do some research, join local groups on Facebook or simply ask around.



Sometimes it's easy to forget that mealtime can be taken outside; many experts actually say that there are psychological benefits to eating outside including reducing stress, improving sleep quality and creating healthy bonding time.


These are some of our other favourite things about taking mealtime outside:

  • More fresh air

  • More quality time with loved ones

  • More time with nature

  • Less distractions

When the sun isn't beaming down, but the weather is still mild, you can utilise this time to get things done! When the weather is lovely, you probably want to spend it out doing nice things with your loved ones; when the weather is mild but dry, this is a great time to do jobs like washing your car, sweeping the leaves, cutting the grass or painting any furniture or fences that need a little TLC.


Something else you can do when the weather is a little milder is get active; just because it's not warm enough to lay out and soak in the rays, doesn't mean it's not warm enough to be outside. Activities like going for a walk, run or bike ride can still be enjoyed in the milder weather.

Even when the weather is rainy, it's still nice to feel as though you've made the most of your day. Here are some of our favourite things to do when the great outdoors isn't feeling so great:


  • Indoor picnic

  • Playing games

  • Film day

  • Baking

  • Creating some new recipes

  • Visiting a museum

  • Enjoying a book


The main thing that's important to remember with any of this is that your outlook can make all the difference. Rather than feeling disappointed it's raining, see it as a reason to have some down time, or spend quality time with loves ones.


It's also important to make the most of opportunities – even if you only have half an hour spare, if it's sunny, go outside and get some fresh air. It's easy to make excuses when life is busy, but getting out into the sun and fresh air will do wonders for your mental health and state of mind.