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Updated 2nd June 2020

Everyone wants the perfect garden, but lots of us aren't sure how to go about it. Perhaps you want to put your own stamp on it or make it as quirky with as many hacks as possible to keep costs down.

We, at Tony Ward Furniture, have compiled our favourite 20 ways to make gardens look as fantastic as they can possibly be:

1. Fire Pit

Fire Pit

Building a fire pit will totally enhance the cosiness of your garden and make those summer nights even more special. Create memorable camping moments in your own garden by roasting marshmallows over this open fire as you sit below the starry sky.


2. Marble Fence

Someone Holding A Bag Of Marbles In Front Of A Fence

Drilling holes in fences and then filling with marbles will create a magical feeling as colourful lights bounce around your garden when the sun is low in the sky. Your children will twinkle as they dance around in the garden with these natural disco lights.


3. Bird Tables

Bird Table

To start your wildlife garden, set up a few bird tables of differing sizes and shapes to attract a wide variety of birds to your garden. You can start now and feed your feathered friends in winter with the help of this article on winter bird feeding.


4. Wool Cuttings

Still on the bird feeding theme, help the birds set up home in Spring by putting wool cuttings into a suet feeder. The birds will use them for nesting.


5. Trampoline

Little Boy Jumping On Trampoline

Trampolines are all the rage for kids to enjoy in the garden. However, they are the cause of many garden accidents. Make your trampoline safe by covering the springs with sliced pool noodles. 


6. Lounge Chairs

There's nothing quite like relaxing in the warmth and getting that dose of fresh air in your lungs. But you're tired and you simply want to lounge around and stretch out in the comforts of your home. How about putting in a porch bed or garden chair to chill out on?


7. Garden Bridge

Add to the value of your home and create a quaint look to your garden with a wooden garden bridge over flowerbeds or a pond to become a focal point for yourself and visitors to enjoy.


8. Pizza Oven

Beautiful Pizza Oven In A Garden

Have a backyard pizza oven to create rustic dining experience outdoors. It will wow your friends and neighbours as they will queue up at your door to partake in an unique eating experience.


9. Create A Playground

Giant Outdoor Chess Set

Make your garden a playground for your family. Install oversized board games in your garden whether it is chess or Scrabble on painted paving slabs. They will provide perfect bonding moments between your family and friends.


10. Hammock Swing

For relaxing afternoons in the shade from the sun, simply chill out in a hammock swing that will put you into slumber and rest. Here at Tony Ward, we have a great range of hammock swings in different sizes.


11. Outdoor Cinema

Outdoor Cinema

During a dry spell in your garden, make your nights entertaining by setting up an outdoor movie theatre with the help of a projector on a white sheet, hung over a washing line. Spread out a few lounge cushions or place your swing hammock in front for a comfortable audio-visual experience.


12. DIY Bird Feeder/Bird Hotel

Wooden Carved Bird Hotel

Hang a bird feeder or make a bird hotel. Do you have an old chandelier? Make it into a bird feeder by filling the candlestick holes with bird feed. Hang the chandelier from your tree and watch as birds flock there to dine in style.


13. Light Up Garden Path

Lit Up Garden Path

Do you have a problem walking down the garden path in the dark? Place spray-painted glow-in-the-dark pebbles in the cracks of your slabbed path for easy navigation and to create a mystical effect. Alternatively set up lights down the walkway


14. Keep Insects At Bay



To keep the mosquitos and midges away naturally, plant lemongrass in your garden. People love the lemony smell but the mosquitos absolutely despise it and will stay away. If you don't like lemongrass, plant rosemary or catnip instead.


15. Picnic Bench

Grab yourself a picnic bench to dine outdoors on the grass or patio. It's easy and simple to maintain and only requires the occasional lick of varnish to keep it in shape.


16. Utilise Your Tree Trunks

Fairy Door Carved In A Tree

Do you have a lonely tree stump? Fashion it into a fairy garden, a garden bar, toadstool or anything to your heart's delight. Just don't forget to place a gnome next to it!


17. Stop The Weeds!

Clean & Tidy Patio With Furniture

Fed up of unsightly weeds growing in the crack of your garden paving? Use concrete crack filler to keep unwanted weeds from sprouting up and rest easy in the knowledge you don't have to pull out fiddly weeds every weekend.


18. Rose Arches

Decorate your garden path with beautiful rose arches for that quintessential summertime feeling as you smell the fresh scents of the English flower. You can even separate sections of your garden using rose arches.


19. Gardening Toolbox

Garden Tools

Place a fold down cupboard on your garden wall/fence for your very own gardening toolbox, or if you dare, an outdoor drinks bar!


20. Empty Bottle Decorations

Flowers In Bottles

Are you having a garden party? Tie some empty bottles to your fence or place on your garden table and fill with exotic flowers to brighten up your garden and create a celebratory mood to remember!
So there you have it. Our top 20 ideas to make your garden look fantastic! What do you think? Which ones will you use?