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Does your bird table look a little bit lonely at this time of year? The winter weather can be cruel to garden wildlife as temperatures plummet and storms rage.

Protect your garden birds by following these simple tips that will ensure the happiness of your feathered friends as they eat.

Birds Sat On A Bird Table
Birds Sat On A Bird Table

1. Supply High Fat Content Foods

Birds need warmth in this cold and wintry weather. Therefore it's great to include foods that have high fat content such as bacon rinds, cooked rice, pasta and grated cheese. Store these delectable treats on your bird table and watch as crowds of grateful birds tear them apart.


2. Keep Your Bird Table Clean

It's essential to clean bird tables at least once a week to avoid contamination of foods. As birds will make a mess and bring diseases on their feet, it's best to wear gloves and wipe thoroughly. Leaving the food to rot will make your bird table a hot bed of germs, so make sure you clean regularly.


3. Don't Give Too Much

It is important not to put out too much food on the bird table, as they require a rapid turnover in wet and boggy conditions to avoid contamination. Putting too much food on the table will only result in it being destroyed and wasted, so give sparingly and regularly.


4. Fresh Water

Why not include a bowl of fresh water everyday on your bird table? This will refresh dehydrated birds and also offer them a quick bath.


5. Include Natural Food Sources

Birds love eating fresh fruits and delicious berries that can be found hanging off trees. Try including a few soft bodied fruits on your bird table and watch as your feathered friends gorge themselves happily.


6. Out of the Wind

The wind chill factor plays a significant part in a bird's choosing where to eat. If you keep your bird table out of the freezing wind, they will show their appreciation by bringing along their friends to your garden.


7. Include Hanging Bird Feeders

Hanging bird feeders from your bird table will make your garden attractive to a wider range of birds. Stuff them with sunflower seeds, fat balls and nyger seed and watch as goldfinches, tits and songbirds crowd to them.


8. Close to Shelter

Birds like to feel safe and sheltered nearby while they are feeding. Place your bird table close to thick hedges and overhanging trees so they can quickly hide should there be any danger.


9. Cat and Dog Food

It may sound strange but birds absolutely adore wet cat and dog food to feast on. Offer a good helping on your bird table and watch as they swoop to your garden centrepiece as if it's raining cats and dogs!


10. Don't Forget Ground Feeders

Stamp the snow around your bird table as spilled seeds will provide a source of great nutrition to ground bird feeders who will require your help to easily access their food.

Bird Table
Bird Table

If you're looking for a bird table of your own, why not check out our range of handcrafted wooden bird tables? We can provide you the perfect bird feeding solution and you can start your garden wildlife cultivation today. Don't wait until Spring!


Top Photo by Arkensiel Photographs