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Japanese Style Garden Bridge

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If you have a Japanese style garden, why not add even more Eastern charm to it with a Japanese garden bridge? Very decorative and functional, our Japanese bridges are perfect for giving a focal point to any garden. A Japanese wooden bridge can make for a beautiful addition to any garden, either as an ornamental feature or as a gorgeous but useful walkway over a garden pond.

Bring some calm Eastern zen to your garden with a Japanese wooden bridge. We have various sizes of our Japanese garden bridges for sale, so you can be sure to find the perfect fit for your Oriental themed outdoor area.

Japanese Style Garden Bridge
Japanese Bridge

Just like all of our bridges, our wooden Japanese bridges are built from FSC pressure treated timber and overstained for long life.

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end to end

Width (inside)

Height above boards

to top of handrail

5ft - 152cms 26" - 66cms 26" - 66cms
6ft - 183cms 26" - 66cms 30" - 76cms
7ft - 213cms 30" - 76cms 30" - 76cms
8ft - 244cms 30" - 76cms  30" - 76cms
9ft - 274cms 32" - 81cms 32" - 81cms

10ft - 305cms

32" - 81cms 32" - 81cms


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Japanese Bridge
Japanese Bridge
Japanese Bridge
 Japanese  Bridge
 Japanese Bridge
Japanese Bridge
Japanese Bridge
Japanese Bridge
Japanese Bridge
Curve On Our Japanese Bridge Base
Please Note: All our garden bridges are available stained or unstained.
unstained stained
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