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Monet Style Garden Bridge

A beautiful Monet style garden bridge that will be the centre piece of your garden, it is both functional and attractive and will enhance any pond or stream. All our bridges are built from FSC pressure treated timber.

Monet Style Garden Bridge
Monet Bridge (unstained)

Listed below are our standard sizes but all our garden bridges can be made to measure with advice from Adam and our dedicated design team.

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end to end

Width (inside) Height above boards
to top of handrail
6ft - 183cms 28" - 71cms 28" - 71cms
7ft - 213cms 28" - 71cms 28" - 71cms
8ft - 244cms 30" - 76cms 30" - 76cms
9ft - 274cms 30" - 76cms 30" - 76cms
10ft - 305cms 30" - 76cms 30" - 76cms
11ft - 335cms 30" - 76cms 30" - 76cms
12ft - 366cms 30" - 76cms 30" - 76cms

Claude Monet was a passionate horticulturist, some might say he was an expert in the matter as well as art. He enjoyed reading gardening journals and putting his findings into practice. In 1893 Monet purchased land with a pond near his home in Giverny, with the idea to build something "for the pleasure of the eye and also for motifs to paint", which is what inspired his famous water-lily garden paintings.

Why not turn your garden into a haven of inspiration with our beautiful, handmade Monet style bridge.

Please Note: All our garden
bridges are unstained.
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