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Published: 28/07/2023

What is the use of a garden bridge?

Garden Bridges can be used for a multitude of purposes. The main three purposes for garden bridges are for crossing bodies of water, crossing uneven ground or as an ornamental feature. We have chosen our Japanese Style Garden Bridge to show how garden bridges can be used to fulfil all of these purposes.



Crossing Bodies of Water

It could be considered that this is the most common use of a garden bridge. Garden bodies of water include ponds, streams and rivers – both natural and man-made. Including a garden bridge in your water feature is the perfect way to make the area stand out whilst also making it more functional and accessible.

Some people choose to add a garden bridge as a feature for primarily functional purposes; this is especially effective over small streams and ponds where you want to be able to access both sides of the bridge easily. That being said, choosing function doesn't mean you have to compromise on style and that's why choosing a garden bridge in a design that suits you and your taste can make this an exciting area.

Some people choose to use a garden bridge in a setting where you wouldn't typically need to cross the water but where it adds to the décor and charm of the area. Our bridges come in a variety of dimensions and can also be custom designed so they would be suitable for any type of garden water feature.

In the photo above, the Japanese Style Garden Bridge is being used to create a pathway over a body of water to a seating area.


 Crossing Uneven Ground

Garden Bridges can also be used to navigate around or cross uneven ground in gardens. This could include crossing over raised ground, crossing flower beds or greenery or navigating around generally uneven ground.

In the photo above, the Japanese Style Garden Bridge is being used to create a pathway over a flower bed. This is creating a safe and effective pathway whilst also adding to the allure and charm of the area.

This purpose may be particularly relevant to those with mobility or accessibility restrictions, or those who have young children around. For more information on this take a look at our blog post on how you can make your garden more accessible.


Ornamental Feature

Being an ornamental feature could be considered its own purpose or possibly even a sub-purpose of either of the above. Either way – a garden bridge looking good is a vital feature. It is for that reason that we have a variety of bridges available to suit design requirements.

Garden Bridges can be used either as a focal point in your garden or to enhance your existing arrangements. For example the Japanese Style Garden Bridge was designed to complement a Japanese Garden- style area but also looks amazing as a stand alone piece or surrounded by flowers and greenery.

In the photo above, the Japanese Style Garden Bridge is being used to create a pathway over a stoned area. As well as making the area easier to walk over, the bridge adds another dimension and gives the area more character.

Our bridges come in a range of styles, lengths, widths and rail heights; we also offer bespoke garden bridges made to order to the customers' dimensions.



Editor's Note

Our garden bridges are also fully load bearing and therefore our bespoke garden bridges can also be made to be used by cars. This could be used to get onto your property or garden over water or uneven ground or simply as an aesthetic addition to your property.