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Published: 13/06/2019

Top Movie Gardens For Inspiration

When we sit down with a bowl of popcorn to watch a movie, there are some wonderful parts which we don't even notice, this often includes gardens. So we have decided to bring them to your attention, by putting together a list of the most inspiring gardens.



11 – A Cinderella Story

Okay, so technically not a garden, but a bandstand decorated with some solar powered fairy lights is a beautiful idea to set off your garden and we definitely think that they nail it in this movie, creating a romantic setting fit for royalty.


A Cinderella Story copyright Warner Bros. Pictures
A Cinderella Story © Warner Bros. Pictures

10 – Ella Enchanted

It could be argued that this is a room and not a garden but either way, it is an intimate setting. This Beautiful Mirror Garden gave us a glimpse of something which we had never thought of before... outdoor mirrors! We often put mirrors in a room to make it feel bigger, so why not do that in a garden too?


Ella Enchanted copyright Miramax
Ella Enchanted © Miramax

9 – It's Complicated

The simplicity of this garden definitely does not make it any less gorgeous. We absolutely love the way the stones and rocks create a border around the plants and flowers, giving the garden a beautiful rustic and homely feel to it.


It's Complicated copyright Universal Pictures
It's Complicated © Universal Pictures

8 – Matilda 

Miss Honey in Matilda has a quaint, yet lovely garden, with a fence that looks as though it's made from tree branches. Her garden path is surrounded by brightly coloured flowers that lead up to her adorable cottage . A perfect idea for those who want their very own garden full of flowers.


Matilda copyright TriStar Pictures
Matilda © TriStar Pictures

7 – Saving Mr Banks

Unless you have a huge garden, it's unlikely that you will be able to recreate this one exactly, but the white arches and benches placed against the greenery in this garden create a very classy look. And you can add your very own arches and benches to your own garden.


Saving Mr Banks copyright Buena Vista
Saving Mr Banks © Buena Vista

6 – 17 Again

This garden is being built throughout the entire movie, and we get to see the finished product towards the end, and boy is it worth it. With a blanket of fairy lights above, a beautiful pond, stepping stones and what looks like a miniature village in the centre, there is so much going on in this garden which you could use as inspiration for your own, no matter how big or small.


17 Again copyright New Line Cinema
17 Again © New Line Cinema

5 – Edward Scissorhands

I mean, how could this garden not be on the list? The intricate details of the Topiary bushes is amazing, not to mention the bright colours which stand out in this birds eye view. Why not give Topiary a go yourself in your own garden, learn a new skill and create something unique at the same time.


Click to adEdward Scissorhands copyright 20th Century Foxd a title
Click to adEdward Scissorhands © 20th Century Foxd a title

4 – Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory

So, maybe this one is on here because it is made out of candy and chocolate and we are extremely jealous of that. But the vibrant colours used in this part of the factory are utterly sublime, and with a little bit of effort, you could make your very own Willy Wonka themed garden, minus the yumminess.


Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory copyright Paramount Pictures
Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory © Paramount Pictures

3 – The Great Gatsby

We absolutely love the mix of white, pale pink and green in this garden. It is the type of garden you could imagine your Grandma having. The cute little fountain is a wonderful addition and could easily be replicated in your own garden as well as the wooden tree seat. Totally magical!


The Great Gatsby copyright Warner Bros. Pictures, Roadshow Entertainment
The Great Gatsby © Warner Bros. Pictures, Roadshow Entertainment

2 – Karate Kid

Chances are you haven't noticed Mr. Miyagi's garden in Karate Kid, but it is absolutely jaw dropping. The Japanese style bridge in addition to the large rocks and small stone walkway create a truly oriental atmosphere. There are no flowers shown in his garden, but there are numerous plants dotted around showing that you don't need flowers to make your garden beautiful.

Karate Kid copyright Columbia Pictures
Karate Kid © Columbia Pictures

1 – This Beautiful Fantastic

On first glance this garden may not look like anything spectacular, but the way beauty has been brought to such a small space is wonderful. The small stone borders, paving slabs and flowers create a safe haven with a large tree acting as a protective shelter. This garden is proof that, no matter how small something is, you can make it beautiful with a little bit of hard work.

This Beautiful Fantastic copyright AMBI Distribution
This Beautiful Fantastic © AMBI Distribution

Are you thinking of creating a garden based on one of these movies? Or have you already got a themed garden? Share yours in the comments below!