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Published: 28/07/2023

How do I make my garden look rustic?


There is something to be said about rustic charm. If you look up rustic gardens then it's highly likely you'll be greeted with a wide array of lovely wooden furniture.


Other than it's natural charm, one of the main benefits of a rustic style garden is that you have the option for the upkeep to be less than other styles. It's one of those styles where if the shrubs overgrow a little, or the flower beds get a little unruly then it adds to the character of the garden.


The Furniture

Wooden garden furniture is perfect for encompassing the rustic style in a garden.

Due to the nature of the style, all of our wooden furniture would look idyllic in a rustic-style garden. However, there are some pieces which were specifically designed to have that lovely rustic feel to them. In the photograph above you can see our lovely Rustic Rose Garden Arch. Our wooden rustic rose garden arch is an ideal addition to any garden, providing a idyllic frame for your greenery to grow whilst adding rustic charm to your garden. If you're interested in garden seating our Rustic Garden Seat also pairs with it perfectly.

In terms of the look and colouring of the wood, there are a few options; firstly, you could keep it it's natural colouring if that's the look you prefer. The other options are to paint, stain or oil your wooden garden furniture. Each of these options has various advantages - for more information on this take a look at our guide.


If you are interested in having something unique in your rustic garden, you could also include a feature piece such as a garden bridge. Garden bridges can be used for both functional and decorative purposes and can add a further level of charm and character to your garden. In the photograph above you can see our Classica Low Rail Garden Bridge which complements its surroundings beautifully and gives the area a real focal point.


We are also happy to design and produce bespoke wooden garden furniture if you have a specific idea in mind, or if you have specific size or design requirements.


The Greenery

When it comes to the greenery in rustic gardens, the colours, tones and textures you choose can really help emphasise the mood. A garden is all about balance – featuring a mixture of green tones in varying textures, with pops of muted colour gives the area a calming and inviting quality.

Typically the plants and flowers used in rustic gardens are predominantly green and earthy tones, rather than bold and bright colours. That being said, including flowers in a muted pink, purple or orange can compliment the generally earthy tones of a rustic garden. Fruit and vegetable plants and patches also look particularly appealing as they add even more colour and texture whilst still fitting in with the overall style – plus fresh fruit and veg is always a bonus!


Repurposing / Upcycling

The era of upcycling is here - for the smaller details of the garden, many people choose to repurpose existing pieces or unneeded household objects to add another level of character to the garden.

This could be anything from old wooden palettes turned into steps, watering cans and baskets turned into decorative planters or turning coffee cans into bee hotels.

Not only does this add another dimensions to the garden, it is also beneficial to the environment. Using a range of materials in your garden adds more textures and tones; the benefit of wooden furniture is that it complements most colours, textures and styles which means that even as your style or design concepts change, your furniture can stay with you throughout your gardening journey.