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Gardens are at their best when they can be enjoyed by the whole family. Here at Tony Ward we believe that gardens should be enjoyed by everyone and we make quality garden furniture to reflect that.

Creating a garden that is child-friendly doesn't mean that you have to give up on your dream of a lovely, homely garden where you can entertain guests; our garden furniture is a perfect mixture of charm and classic-style, whilst remaining safe and practical for younger ones.



One of the most important elements to the garden is the seating – whether that be somewhere for you to lounge whilst the children are off playing, somewhere for the children to sit and play or somewhere for you to all sit and enjoy a meal together.

When it comes to seating for all the family to enjoy we think a picnic table can be a great way for everyone to get together. We have several different picnic tables depending on your needs or the amount of people you will need to accommodate for.

Our most spacious wooden picnic table is our Eight Seater Round Garden Picnic Table as seen above. The table can seat up to eight people meaning you can host for friends or family or simply use it as an excuse to spread out.



If you prefer your table and seating to be separate then our Hainton range would be the perfect option. As shown above, our Hainton Garden Table and Bench Seats are perfect for children as the benches have a back to them, giving you peace of mind when they are sat around the table. Available in two different lengths, the Hainton range are also perfect for hosting summer evenings with friends and family once the kids have gone to bed.





One of the greatest obstacles when it comes to children – storage; sometimes it feels like their toys are multiplying by the minute. Having somewhere to store all of their toys will not only mean their belongings are being kept safe but it also means that you get to enjoy your garden looking less cluttered once they've done playing.


There is of course the possibility to combine both seating and storage with solutions such as our Garden Storage Seat which you can see above.





If your children are explorers and often find themselves wanting to discover new areas of the garden then a garden bridge could be great for them. It's amazing what a sense of adventure a bridge can unleash as they use the space to let their imaginations run free, whilst remaining in a safe environment.


As well as unleashing the adventure in your little ones, garden bridges can also be very beneficial in terms of them getting around the garden safely. Garden bridges can be used to help safely cross bodies of water, or raised and uneven ground. Our bridge that is enjoyed most by children is our Palisade Garden Bridge which can be seen above; it features close-knit vertical beams and rounded edges to help keep them safe.



Bespoke Items – Garden Play House

As well as all of the pieces mentioned before, we also design and produce bespoke wooden garden furniture such as this Garden Play House.


This lovely wooden play house is perfect for keeping the kids entertained in the garden; it also offers great protection from the sun during the summer months. Because the garden play houses are bespoke, we can work together to design it to your requirements and create something that will house hours of fun and imagination.


For more information of all our bespoke items see our Bespoke Items page or get in touch.