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After a little research we found out the questions which you are desperate to know the answers to when it comes to wooden garden furniture. So, here you go! Everything you want to know is answered in this post!

Can wood furniture be left outside?

As long as it is good quality, there should be no problem with leaving it outside. To make it last longer, you should use some sort of wood treatment on it though, and cover when not in use. Read our top tips on how to care for your wooden garden furniture here


Can you paint wooden garden furniture?

Yes, as long as you use weatherproof paint.


How do you paint wooden garden furniture?

Make sure to clean your furniture first, and let it dry before applying any paint products. To ensure you get the best possible results, also make any repairs you need to and give it a sand before applying primer and then painting.


How do you clean wooden garden furniture?

DO NOT use a pressure washer! Use a stiff brush to remove mould & lichen, then sand down the furniture before rinsing with a hose pipe. For more information on what to use, check out our blog post here


How do you restore, treat and preserve wooden garden furniture?

Use a stiff brush to remove mould & lichen, then sand down the furniture by hand or with an orbital sander. Next wipe down the bench with a damp cloth and allow to dry. Apply a wood restorer following the instructions and then apply a furniture oil.


How do you protect wooden garden furniture feet?

You can buy plastic or wooden feet protectors. Alternatively mix up some epoxy resin and wrap some tape around the feet to keep it contained and apply the resin to the feet and sand it down once dry.


How do you upcycle wooden garden furniture?

Reignite the natural colours in the wood by applying oils or stains. Alternatively, paint with bright coloured paint to make them pop or more neutral tones to give a modern feel.