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Published: 04/10/2019

When To Plant Your Vegetables

Box of Vegetables with a garden tool

Wouldn't it be lovely, not having to spend money each and every week on vegetables which go off before you manage to use them up? You start the week off with all of the best intentions, a meal plan in place, the shopping in the fridge, and then life gets in the way. Before you know it, your potatoes are growing micro potatoes, your tomatoes have gone mouldy and your garlic is ... well it's still there because garlic seems to last forever. So, instead, why not grow your own vegetables?

Benefits of growing your own:

✿ You never run out.
✿ They are there when you need them.
✿ You save money.
✿ You can save your friends and neighbours money.
✿ They are as fresh as they could possibly be.
✿ Gardening is proven to reduce anxiety, depression and other mental health problems.
✿ It will motivate you to cook and find brand new recipes.

Now, I know it can be difficult to get started, you end up with all of these questions.

What can I even grow in my garden?
When do I plant them?
Do I plant them indoors or outdoors?
How long will they take to grow?

This is why we have put together a vegetable planner, to ease your worries and doubts, and hopefully motivate you to get started. So print it out, stick it on your fridge and give it a go!

If our infographic has helped you get started, let us know in the comments below and send us pictures of your vegetable gardens.

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