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Published: 10/03/2020

How To Create A Bee Friendly Garden

Why should you make a bee friendly garden?

Bees are incredible creatures who just want to go about their day, pollinate and eat yummy nectar. Without them, our world would be a lot more dull, there would be less flowers, fruit and vegetables around!


What's in it for the bees?

Giving bees plants to visit in your garden will help them gain energy from the nectar by supplying them with sugars which is a vital part of a bees diet. The pollen in the plants will also provide protein and fat which will contribute to a balanced diet.


What's in it for you?

Inviting bees into your garden will increase pollination and give you more flowers to brighten up your home. You will also be reducing the chances of bees going extinct which means that we will be able to continue enjoying beautiful flowers, fruits, vegetables and honey. If you have children, it will also ensure that they do not grow up being afraid of bees.

We've put together a list of flowers which will encourage bees to visit your garden, click on the image below to print out our guide.

If you'd like to find out how to attract other wildlife garden, check out our top tips here!