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Gardens are one of those things that you can really tailor to exactly your style and functionality, but quite often we base our gardens around being out in the sunshine. Maybe it's time to start thinking about how you can make the most of your space after the sun goes down...



Seating needs to tick two boxes – look enticing, and be comfortable. The benefit of wooden furniture is that you can personalise it to your taste, depending on what finish you choose to use. You can also add cushions or other soft furnishings to add some extra character and personalisation.

When it comes to choosing your seating, it's probably a good idea to think about who is going to be using the seating, and for what purpose?


For example if your seating is going to be used for dining and drinking, maybe a picnic bench or a table and chairs is a good solution?


If your seating is going to be used for you and a friend to sit out nattering away, maybe a conversation seat or garden swing sounds nice?


Or if you'd like a seat that gives you some solitary time to relax on your own with a glass of wine, then maybe something like the Torrington Rocking Chair sounds idyllic?



Lighting is important from a safety point of view, but also for adding ambience and allure to your garden. There are lots of different types of lighting so it all depends on how much light your space will need and what kind of atmosphere you are aiming to create. The great thing about all of these lighting options is that they are all available at most garden centres or local shops, and are low maintenance.

We'll start with solar powered lights – solar powered lights come in all shapes, sizes and strengths. The key with solar powered lights is ensuring they get enough sunlight during the day; most solar powered lights have a small solar panel which is what absorbs in the energy and then transfers the energy to the battery.

Fairy Lights or string lights, are great for improving the ambience and mood of an area in a garden. Whilst they don't provide as much light compared to some other types, you can really boost the overall mood of a garden by using clusters of fairy lights in a certain area or by using them spread out around the garden. Some of the most effective uses of fairy lights are overhead or on fences or walls.

A third option for outdoor lighting is another one that is all about the ambience and mood - candles. Not only are candles great for adding some charm to your garden, but some garden candles also contain essential oils such as citronella which are known for repelling insects.



Did you know some plants have an especially strong smell at night? Some flowers become more heavily scented after dark to attract moths and other pollinators. This includes plants like Honeysuckle, Wisteria and Jasmine. By choosing plants that have unique night-time features, you're benefiting from them 24 hours a day.

Similarly, herbs also act like outdoor room diffusers, and give your garden a unique and pleasing aroma. You can also choose to have herbs that you can then in your food or drinks on an evening.


Keeping Warm

If you want to enjoy your garden on an evening when the weather is a little chilly, then a fire is the perfect solution. Naturally, fire is something that should be done with extreme care, but when done properly, a fire can be a lovely feature of an evening. You can either choose to use a fire pit, chiminea or outdoor log burner – just as long as you remember to bring the washing in first.

If you don't like the idea of a fire then there's also something to be said about putting on a big comfy jumper, getting cosy under a blanket and making the most of the outdoors on an evening. You could also look at getting outdoor heating, such as a patio heater.


The most important thing about creating a garden which is going to be used at night, is making sure you make time to enjoy it. That means making the most of it when the evening is warm and inviting, but also when you need to pop a jumper on and sit under a blanket. Gardens are the perfect place to relax on your own with a book, have quality time with your family or invite friends over for evening fun.