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Doctors have recently revealed that, 'most children spend less time outside than prison inmates in 2019'. There is a lot more anxiety about letting children play out in the streets like they did in the 80's, and with the technology of today it is easy to get into the habit of putting your kids in front of a TV or video game while you are doing housework, cooking or having alone time, and it is completely understandable. But there is plenty of fun to be had right on your doorstep in your beautiful garden.


We've come up with a list of 10 activities children can do in the comfort of your garden this Summer.



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In previous generations, many parents would anxiously watch their children head off down the street and wait until they came home at night. With only the setting of the sun and the flicking on of the street lights to guide the curfew, outdoor play was a way of life.

But for today's children, the indoors seems to hold the most interest. With electronic gadgets, games consoles and the internet to keep them occupied, it's easy to see why so many kids are uninspired by the prospect of going outside.

While there is always a place for indoor play, the outdoors holds many hidden treasures that can be really beneficial to children's health, well-being and development.

In this guide we've put together some great tips for encouraging your children to get outside... And more importantly, that they enjoy it!



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